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When it comes to life threatening situations you need appliances you can rely on at all times. That's why Terberg DTS only supply world class fire fighting products. 

Our portfolio includes best in class Oshkosh ARFF vehicles and Pierce Fire & Rescue products alongside an extensive range of market leading fire fighting equipment including monitors and branches from TFT, FLIR thermal imaging cameras, LEADER ventilation fans, portable fire fighting systems from AFT and the UK’s largest stock of environmental fire fighting foams from Bio-Ex.

We provide bespoke specialist vehicle solutions to meet specific customer needs and are proud of our unique customer focused partnerships in the fire and rescue sector. Our market leading support, hire and leasing options, design and source, new and used vehicle sales and purchase have seen us become a one stop partner for critical services.

We believe that our customers benefit from our ‘one stop solution’ philosophy with our extensive product range supported by a highly trained team dedicated to providing unrivalled service and support. We deploy engineers throughout the UK and Ireland as well as supporting additional requirements worldwide for civilian and military customers.



Terberg Fire & Rescue are the sole suppliers of Oshkosh and Snozzle Technology to the UK's civilian and military airports.

With full service and support from Terberg DTS the Oshkosh Striker will protect you against the most extreme ARFF threats with unrivalled fire supression technology.

We believe all airports should be Oshkosh Airports.




The Terberg devleloped TACR range of rapid response vehicle is an extremely powerful tool in a  very small package.  Bespoke designs allow the customer to specify exactly what they require for their individual operational needs.

The size of the TACR and options of 4x4 and 6x6 capabilties means it can reach places ordinary vehicles simply can't.

Remote bumper monitors, the capability to carry and deploy mutiple medias from the safety of the cab and the afforadabilty make this one of the most exciting new vehicles to come to market.

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Being able to see more clearly in life threatening situations helps you think more clearly and make quixk, accurate desicions.

The new FLIR K -  Series handheld thermal imaging cameras have been deleloped for the most demanding ire fighting tasks.

Providing the fire fighters with the ability to see through smoke and remotely assess the effectiveness of ongoing fire fighting activities, assist with the direction of extinguishing activity and navigate smoky environments.

The K - Series offer unrivalled, affordable thermal imaging technology.

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Branches and Monitors that combine over 40 years of Task Force Tips' design innovation and experience into true next generation firefighting tools.

Manufactured exclusively at TFT’s USA production facilities, the line features the G-Force series of fixed, selectable and automatic nozzles, the BlitzForce Portable Monitor, as well as Low, and Multi Expansion Foam Attachments.

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Fire ventilation helps bring down temperatures, brings down temperatures, improves visability and boost oxygen for fire fighters and victims alike. 

Easy Pow'Air blower fans from Leader have been develpoed to generate a greater flow of air and offer more space for fire fighting teams in those situations where there is little room to manoeuvre. Compact for easy transportation and adjustable to ensure the optimum tilt angle and maximum blowing efficiency you won't want to tackle your next fire with anything else!

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Do you have choice when it comes to the environment?

At Terberg DTS you do. Why? Because we carry the UK's single largest stock of environmental fire fighting foams from Bio-Ex.

Speak to us today about our versatile environmental and traditional foams, premium service, immediate stock availability, reliable delivery and a safer environment - whatever your fire fighting application.

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Advanced Firefighting Technology (AFT)  are pioneers in portable, low pressure water mist & CAFS firefighting systems. 

Creating high quality water mist at low pressure whilst ensuring maximum lancing distances for safe firefighting their technology is adaptable to portable, mobile & fixed fire fighting apparatus.

The AFT Backpack system is a portable unit that delivers a significant reduction in response time and allows greater fire fighting accessibility. 

Available with the option to carry breathing apparatus it is ideal for many applications including industrial, first intervention systems in fire trucks and emergency vehicles, as well as offshore and marine environments.


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