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Terberg RT RoRo tractors (4x4 drive) and YT yard tractors (4x2) are widely used by major port operators worldwide. Their key reasons for choosing Terberg tractors are always the reliability and the low cost of ownership resulting from the high fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. Port operators with heavy RoRo cargo also appreciate the SafeNeck, which considerably increases safety when hauling heavy loads on steep ship’s ramps. 



Container Terminals

Terberg has developed a range of vehicles for container terminals.

Our yard tractors are primarily used for transporting containers between quay cranes and storage yards. Terberg also provides solutions for multi-trailer trains from 4 to 10 TEU. 

We have four-wheel drive tractors for applications where ice or slopes present special challenges.

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RoRo applications 

Terberg has secured a leading position in the RoRo-tractor market. Our robust and well-designed tractors have been used in ports around the world for many years. RoRo operations are widely used in European and African ports. We have solutions for every load, ramp and tractor connection, ensuring safe and efficient cargo handling.

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Rail terminals and
inland ports

Terberg offers a range of products for inland ports and rail terminals. We have yard tractors to transport containers between the cranes and storage yards, tractors for 4-10 TEU multi-trailer trains, swap body tractors and road/rail tractors.

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