We are heavily involved in the aviation industry.

Be it bespoke Terberg YT tractors built especially for the airport environment,  Aircraft Pushbacks from globally renowned suppliers such as Schopf and Goldhofer or Vestergaard Aircraft Deicing Equipment and Ground Power and Air-conditioning Units from Ginault Lebrun.

We know how keeping aircraft moving is of paramount importance, that's why we work closely with our customers to find immediate solutions. Stock availability means Terberg DTS can react quickly to your operational needs and usually have new, replacement or hire units at your location within 24 hours.

Terberg DTS are able to offer flexible financial solutions as well as  long and short term hire contracts with optional built in preventative maintenance, service and  global 24 hour support. 

A large stock holding of parts means uptime of vehicles is exceptional, complemented by a mobile network of Terbergs highly trained and experienced engineers we offer a service that you can trust.


Schopf Pushback Tractors

Schopf delivers aircraft tow tractors to suit airport environments anywhere on the globe. Hot and high or arctic and cold, Schopf tractors are everywhere out there, reliable 24/7, ensuring your business runs smoothly. Schopf tractors are designed with extreme weather in mind. From the baby F59 to ther heavyweight F396, Schopf aircraft tow tractors support military and civil aviation all around the globe. From bizjet to the A380, F15 fighter to the An 225, whether diesel or electric we have the kit. We can deliver the best.


Goldhofer Towbarless Tractors

Goldhofer’s towbarless aircraft tractors are the safe and economical solution for modern airports. The tractors in the AST-1, AST-2 and AST-3 series are the key to flexible working for pushbacks, gate to-gate and maintenance towing for aircraft up to 600 tons MTOW.

German made Goldhofer tractors are extremely safe and relibable, they have a high in service rate and use renowned brand components.

Goldhofer tractors are therefore economical to run and maintain, they offer a wide range of aircraft operation amking them a flexible and popular choice for any operator around the world.


Schopf Military Pushbacks

Used all over the world

Whether C-17 / B747 or the AN 124/225:
Schopf tow trucks are able to safely handle many military aircraft, even in extreme conditions.

Airforces around the world choose Schopf tow tractors. Extreme reliability and flexibility characterize our products. Conforming to military standards (e.g. AQAP, STANAG, MIL-STD) as well as civilian norms and quality standards (e.g. IATA-AHM, ISO) Schopf fulfill the needs and wishes of our military customers.


Air Start 

Gunault and Terberg DTS are able to offer one of the most reliable Air Start units available today. Availble for both civilian and miliary applications the diesel engine and  screw compressor technology allow for simplified operation and easy maintenance.

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Air Conditioning Units

LEBRUN mobile preconditioned air units (PCA units) were specifically developed to fulfill the needs of aircraft manufacturers, handling companies, airlines and airports, in allowing them to maintain homogeneous temperatures inside airplanes, depending on their own climatic conditions and constraints.

Regardless of these conditions, LEBRUN mobile preconditioned air units will safeguard the smooth operation of electronic equipment and the comfort of passengers and crew, by maintaining the appropriate temperature inside the cockpit, the cabin and the electronic compartment of any parked aircraft during pre-flight servicing, loading and maintenance (AIRBUS, BOEING, MD, EMBRAER, FALCON,...).

Completely self-contained, thanks to their compact design, these preconditioned air units allow users to easily move them to their adequate location. Additionally, due to their extremely low noise level, they can either be used on the ramp, as well as in maintenance hangars.

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Ground Power Units

Ginault are manufacturers of high quality ground power units to supply power for all types of aircraft for civilian and military applications. These span from Helicopters to fighter jets and the largest commercial liners.

Terberg DTS are able to offer all prducts for sale and hire and in most cases with stock availibility.

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Aircraft Deicing

The range of Vestergaard Elephant® aircraft deicers presents exceptional flexibility aimed at meeting any operational needs in any modern airport environments. The Elephant® deicers provide customers with highly efficient, reliable and safe deicing, and they fully comply with all expectations in Vestergaard Company equipment:

  • Unsurpassed quality
  • Customization
  • Low fluid consumption
  • Outstanding documentation & support
  • Technical hotline/customer service
  • Low maintenance costs

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